SELK Tutoring

The Brief

SELK Tutoring was the leading provider in Project Based Learning which shifted towards standardized test preparation in order to meet customer demands in the industry. 

Due to SELK Tutoring shifting its business plan and products to target standardized testing, the company as a whole was redesigned by NXXT Media with targeted branding, video advertising, and a clean and easy-to-navigate website, all of which resulted in increased customer outreach and customer approval. 

With SELK Tutoring’s overwhelming growth, Nxxt Media was sought out to create a unique and classroom-immersive digital experience.  Doing so meant creating an engaging and quantifiable experience for parents, schools, and educators. This unique and custom-built Learning Management System allowed for SELK Tutoring to not only better suit its customers but its reach as well.

The Results


Increase in Customer Purchases During AB Testing


Increase in Lead Generation


Increase in Page Views