Lumiere Concept Designs

The Brief

Lumiere Concept Designs is a leader in high-end antiquities in the New York City region providing clients with a large curated selection of the finest antiquities, both vintage and modern. Lumiere Concept Designs restores, repairs, and creates custom lighting designs. 

Due to Lumiere Concept Designs’ particular niche, the company as a whole was rebranded to create an online presence. NXXT Media curated Lumiere Concept Designs’ branding, video advertising, and a clean and easy-to-navigate website, all of which resulted in increased customer outreach and customer approval. 

With Lumiere Concept Designs’ customer demand and unique business model, NXXT Media was sought out to create a website with an immersive digital experience for customers to be able to view curated products in real time.  NXXT Media’s rebrand of Lumiere Concept Design created an unprecedented demand from customers that have left a waitlist for unique items. 

Lumiere Concept Designs did not have an online presence, NXXT Media curated the business to the digital era as well as provided in person photography for many of their unique lighting fixtures.

The Results


Decrease in Bounce Rate


Increase in Average Session Duration


Increase in Page Views